TEK Screw Socket Driver Tool


At Cladwell, we have all your Fixings and Accessories covered, including stitcher screws, wood screws and screws for heavy to light steel. Find the right TEK screws to use with our 5/16 hex head drill TEK sockets with us. If you have any other queries about fixings and accessories at Cladwell, please contact us directly and we’ll endeavour to help find the right product for your needs.

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Our drill TEK socket driver tool will ensure you’ve got the right fitting for TEK screws when installing your roofing sheets and flashings. Made from high-grade steel construction, this TEK screw socket will withstand a high torque output and will work perfectly to ensure your roofing stays together securely.

Suitable for use with any power drill and featuring a 5/16 hex head, the TEK screw socket makes light work of tightening self-drilling TEK screws throughout your roofing project.


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