Screws to Wood – 19mm Bonded Washer (Pack of 100)


TEK type self-drilling fix screws are designed for fixing sheets to timber purlins. The TEK screws have a 5/16th hexagonal head with 19mm bonded sealing washer that will ensure they stay water-tight and secure.

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Specifications of our Timber Roofing Screws:

  • Pack Size: 100
  • Head: 8mm Hex
  • Application: Self-Drilling
  • Use: For fixing sheets to timber purlins
  • Washers: 19mm bonded sealing
  • Lengths available: 32mm to 175mm

TEK Screws & Timber Roofing Screws

Self-drilling TEK screws with a 5/16th hexagonal head for attaching sheets to timber purlins. Under the screw head, there is a stainless-steel washer and bonded neoprene pad to create a seal with the sheet.

The type of TEK screws you’ll need is dependent on what they are being used on, so be sure to select the TEK screws that are right for your needs.

Additional information

Fixing Length

105mm, 125mm, 150mm, 175mm, 32mm, 45mm, 65mm, 80mm, 95mm


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