Mastic Lapping Tape Strip, Rolls Grey


Our pressure-sensitive, adhesive butyl mastic tape is supplied on a roll for easy use whilst working. The mastic tape can be used for sealing side and end laps and flashings, ensuring the seal is secure to your project.



Mastic Tape Specification

  • Width: 9mm
  • Height: 1.5mm
  • Length: 30 metres

Mastic Tape and More

When using mastic tape, you want the joint on side laps to be as robust and weather resistant as possible. Using Cladco mastic tape for lapping will do this perfectly, with lapping tape considered more effective than silicone. It’s worth remembering that once lapping tape is applied, it can be very difficult to then remove, so ensure that the profile sheet position is placed correctly before application.

If you have any queries regarding our mastic tape for lapping, please contact us for more information. Additionally, consult our help and advice section for guidance on using mastic tape and more.


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