32/1000 Profiled Foam Fillers Supaseal


Cladwell provides pairs of polyurethane foam 32/1000 box profile foam fillers. This pair of fillers are used under the sheeting at the eaves and between the sheeting and flashing at the ridges, to close off the roofing sheets and stop the elements from affecting your new construction.



This pair of Supaseal fillers are designed to fit our 32/1000 roofing profile sheets. With a 6mm base, these fillers can be held in place with silicone sealant, which also adds an extra layer of weather-proofing.

With a 1 metre width and manufactured with polyurethane, these 32/1000 eaves and ridge filler is the perfect product to finish your roofing project and can be used with silicone sealant. We also stock Filler for Box Profile 34/1000, corrugated and tile form. This black Supaseal filler is an economical way to ensure your project stays safe from the elements.


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