Stitcher Screws with Bonded Washer (Pack of 100)


Hexagon Headed expanding fixings, for securing the side laps where cladding OVERLAPS rooflight.

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Specifications for Stitching Sheet Screws

  • Pack Size: 100
  • Head: 8mm Hex
  • Application: Self-Drilling
  • Use: For fixing sheet to sheet
  • Washer: 16mm bonded sealing
  • Length: 22mm


FLS222 6.3mm
FMLS225 7.8mm
FLAPLOX25 15mm
FLAPLOX38 25mm

Hexagon Headed Stitching Screws, with a self drilling tip (Type 1 Point), for securing cladding laps, or where a Rooflight OVERLAPS a cladding sheet (see below for lap treatment where the cladding sheet overlaps a roof light. The length of the fixing is designated by the last 2 digits of the Fixing Code – e.g. FLS222 is 22mm long. Stitching Screws are fully threaded.

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6.3mm, 7.8mm, 15mm, 25mm


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