Nordic Ridge Flashing 3m 195 x 195mm


Ridge pieces are used at the apex of the roof to join the two sides together. Cladwell flashing ridges are folded to a 130-degree internal angle and will flex 10 – 15 degrees either way, dependent on the angle of your roof. Metal roof flashing ridges are a major component in any profiled clad apex roof and are available in a range of colours and finishes to match our roofing sheets. Galvanised finish ridge flashing will enhance the aesthetics of any building, providing the perfect finish.

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Galvanised finish Ridge 195mm x 195mm Measurements:

  • Length (metres): 3.0
  • Overlap: Allow 100mm
  • Galvanised finish

Galvanised finish Ridge for your Roofing

Here at Cladwell, we try to accommodate your needs wherever possible. While our ridge flashings are manufactured as a 3-metre length, if you provide us with your dimensions, we’ll do our best to get you the exact sizes you need. Each Ridge Flashing is folded to a 130-degree internal angle and will flex 10-15 degrees each way. Our Galvanised finish Ridge flashings come with a safety welt to increase the strength of the material. For custom flashings please visit our custom flashings page.

Please note:  The 195 x 195 flashings give a coverage of 195 x 195 due to the 8mm welt.

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Weight 6.9 kg

Galvanised, Polyester Paint, PVC Plastisol


Anthracite, Black, Galvanised, Goosewing Grey, Juniper Green, Merlin Grey, Moorland Green, Olive Green, Slate Blue, Terracotta, Van Dyke Brown, White

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